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Hallo! So I am currently in Germany and have been since I think July 19th. Johannes and I left Michigan, United States on July 18th then we drove to Canada where we then got on a plane that took us to Iceland. In Iceland we got on another plane that took us to Germany; Frankfurt, Germany I think.

The night before we left we actually didn’t go to bed because we were too busy packing, etc.. So the whole trip was pretty “bleh” since we were running on fumes. On the first plane I was feeling fine at first but then I started to feel like I had to throw up and I threw up right at the end of the flight. Then on the second plane I got on feeling horrible and I think I threw up right at the end of that flight too XD Anyways, after the second plane we were in Germany and we road a couple trains for a few hours. Then once we got somewhere (I can’t remember where XD) my brother Joshua picked us up and we went to his house and I got to meet his four kids for the first time!

Johannes stayed in Germany for two weeks then left to go back to Michigan. (I miss you so much Turkey Snuggler, if you are reading this XD) So yeah I’m still here though and I actually started going to a school here in Germany. I started school on Thursday, August 4th right now I’m writing this on August 6th at 12:40 AM XD So I’ve only had two days of school so far. It’s been really confusing going to a school in Germany while not even knowing some basic German words (Oh dear! XD) But something that has made things so much easier for me is that the people at the school are SO KIND!! There are other students that don’t even speak English that are making a big effort to help me by showing me where to go, etc.. It’s just absolutely amazing to me how kind everybody is.

Okay! So the pictures above were taken by Johannes whenever he was still in Germany. I remember the day these pictures were taken I really wanted to not only feel pretty but look pretty (I don’t know if that makes sense XD) But basically I just wanted to wear something that made me feel great so I decided to wear a nice simple gray dress with some very beautiful details (which was a gift from my sister-in-laws’ sister, who lives here in Germany) and since the dress was basically see through I wanted to wear all black underneath the dress but I didn’t have a clean black undershirt (LOL! XD) so instead I went with a really nice baby blue/light blue tank top that has some nice lace at the top with some beaded detailing and then some short black tights/leggings. And then to carry a few things of mine in I used a blue purse which has a really long strap and it made the look even more casual. Then to show a little bit more of my edgy side I put it all together by adding some black boots, as well I had some black sunglasses with me to protect my eyes from the sun and it also made the look more edgy. Lastly for accessories, I wore some very simple earrings kind of in a shape of a flower which had some pearls on it and I also wore a beautiful rose bracelet that Johannes actually bought me in Germany but I can’t remember the name of the store. Where I got each of the things from or the brand are listed down below :)

What I’m Wearing:

Thin Simple Gray Dress: Clockhouse

(Underneath the Dress) Baby Blue Colored Tank Top with Lace and Beaded Detailing At Top: Energie

(Underneath the Dress) Short Black Tights: Target

Black Boots: Kohl’s

Earrings: I think I got these earrings at Rue 21

Black Sunglasses: Johannes bought these for me in Germany at the same store as the rose bracelet but I can’t remember the name of the store

Rose Bracelet: Johannes bought me the rose bracelet also in Germany at the same store as the black sunglasses but I can’t remember the name of the store

Blue Purse: Rosetti

xoxo, Scarlett
















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Hello! I know it’s been a long time since I last posted something here on my website. My last post was posted in October. Here’s why I haven’t posted in such a long time: I first wasn’t posting because I was busy with school. By October I had been about 1-2 months into the 9th grade and I was still trying to figure out a good schedule so that I could still keep up with everything I wanted to do. (I actually didn’t find a good schedule that worked for me for a LOOONNG time.)

Finally around the month of December I decided to take some pictures of my outfit for my website. The pictures I took (well actually my brother Johannes took them for me, haha) are the ones above. I thought it was a good winter outfit that could inspire your style for the winter. Unfortunately, when I was trying to upload the pictures for my post they weren’t even uploading!

But thanks to my brother Johannes and all of his many hours of working to fix the problems with my website I am now able to post again and upload as many pictures as I want! Thanks Johannes!

As you probably could tell, before I stopped posting, I started mainly posting outfit pictures. I decided that’s what I mainly wanted on my website. I also decided that I wanted to include more pictures in my posts to make them more fun.

Anyways, that’s it for today’s post!


xoxo, Scarlett

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Out & About






This is the outfit I wore yesterday when I got out of the house and was out and about. I love this outfit because it’s a very casual outfit but it still manages to be really cute.

Black Purse: (Unknown)

Burn-Out White T-Shirt: Vintage Soft

Red Skinny Jeans with Red Glitter Polka Dots: Jordache

Black and White Sneakers: Converse

xoxo, Scarlett

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Casual & Classy




I absolutely love this outfit and how it’s both casual and classy at the same time. You could also make this outfit completely casual by switching out the boots with a pair of comfortable sneakers or flats. And you also have the option of making the outfit all classy. To do that you could just switch out the sweater with a blazer.

White Sweater: (Unknown)

Black Shirt: SO

Bootcut Jeans: Kohl’s

Boots: Charming Charlie

xoxo, Scarlett

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The Last Hike

Hey guys! Today I am going to tell you about the last hike I took in Colorado with my brother and just tell you all about the adventure I had…

First of all, this happened in late April of 2015…

Okay, so as you know I was living in Colorado, but then I moved to Michigan. Well right before we left Colorado we (My brother and I) decided to take one last hike in Colorado before we left. We decided to hike the 7-Mile-Loop at the Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area (Park). We started the hike by just following the trail for the 7-Mile-Loop and after we had hiked a few miles on the trail, the trail just ended and there was no more clear trail to follow, so we had to find our own way back. A while later it started to get dark and while we were hiking I was worried that we would encounter a wild animal. Also while we were trying to find our way back to our truck we had to walk across a freezing cold river that went up our thighs and we had to go thru it multiple times. We were still trying to make our way back when it was about 9 PM, but then finally we found our way back to our truck around 10-11 PM. After all of the hiking up and down the hills/”mountains” we were very tired and also relieved that we made it back safely to our truck. Then we went to Sonic and Burger King to pick up some food! 😀

Okay, so that’s what happened. I decided to share this story with you because what happened was pretty crazy and I thought that some of you guys might be interested in hearing about my experience.

If any of you guys live in Colorado near Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area (Park) and were thinking of taking the 7-Mile-Loop I would not recommend hiking it because you guys would face the same problems we did. Also, the Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area (Park) has lots of other trails that you could hike instead.

xoxo, Scarlett

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June 2015 Favorites

Hey guys! I decided to show you what I been loving during the month of June, so here we go!



Something I have been absolutely loving this month are the boots that you see above! I got these boots from Charming Charlie on sale for an amazing price! They are super comfy and I have been wearing them like crazy!



I absolutely love this purse! This Rosetti  purse is very unique and and fits with everything!


This month I have had a favorite toothpaste and it is the Original Mint – Triple Action Toothpaste by Colgate. My favorite thing about the toothpaste is the fact that it’s so minty. 😀


As you can see in the picture above, my next favorite for the month of June has been the Hydra Boost Body Lotion by Spa Mystique. This lotion is literally so moisturizing and makes my skin feel so, so, so soft!


Now for the last product I have been loving this month… The Age Defying Skin Cream by Personal Care. I love putting this skin cream on my face every night and it keeps my face feeling moisturized and soft.

Okay! Now for my last favorite for June! PINTEREST! I seriously think I have an obsession with Pinterest! I am always pinning pins all the time! You can see my Pinterest HERE.

So those were my favorites for the month of June!

xoxo, Scarlett

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