Dusty Rose Thigh High Boots

20170429_121728 2

I have finally gotten the thigh high boots I have been desperately wanting! Yay, yay, yay! I purchased these thigh high boots off of dollskill.com and absolutely love them! I remember whenever I was just a little kid and watched High School Musical and saw the character, Sharpay, wearing some gorgeously fabulous, bright red heeled […]

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20170201_122112[1] 23

I’m very happy to finally be able to share these pictures with y’all that were taken by Johannes (thanks bro :)) sometime in February of 2017. :))) The day that I wore this outfit I remember really wanting to wear more of a lighter colored outfit so I ended up going with a pink and […]

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20170121_152713_001 23

        As you can tell this is a very casual outfit but the all black look (with the plum pink colored lipstick and bright pink lace from my undershirt peeking out from underneath my top shirt, of course) really makes the look even more awesome and put together. I feel that this […]

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Red Lips, Blonde Hair

DSC02316 2

I gotta admit I am kind of in love with these pictures. I think they turned out great and I really love this outfit as well. It’s very classy and I like how I could just switch out the shoes to make this outfit more casual and little more comfortable since as you can tell, […]

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Black & Blue


Hello! The outfit I am going to share with y’all today only consists of the colors black and blue. The day I wore this outfit I don’t think I even planned to wear only black and blue, I just simply tried to keep everything about the outfit coordinated. It was also a bit chilly outside […]

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Leather Jacket & Polka Dots

20161020_095505_025 2

As you guys can probably tell by now, my day-to-day style is very casual. My two main expectations for an outfit are: 1) The outfit is comfortable. 2) The outfit is cute 😉 Simple as that. So that brings me to the outfit that I am wearing in the pictures above. If you pay attention […]

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Baby Blue

#1120161021_155319 #2

Hey guys! So the pictures above were taken after my first day back at my school here in Michigan after I had been in Germany for almost three months. The outfit I am wearing in the pictures above is the outfit that I wore to school that day. My first day of school back was […]

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Galveston, Texas, United States


Before I moved to Colorado, I lived in Texas. I was born in Texas and lived there for over thirteen years before moving. I don’t have a ton of pictures of myself from whenever I was a teenager living in Texas but I do have these two pictures that Johannes took whenever we went to […]

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Colorado, United States


    I used to live in Colorado back in 2015 and I absolutely loved it there. It is such a beautiful state and I hope I can go back sometime to do some more exploring, hiking and hopefully next time I’ll be able to try something like whitewater rafting. Anyways, here are some pictures […]

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